Mit dem Fahrrad in Nürnberg unterwegs

Drainage in the Netherlands

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So könnte Ihr Fahrbahnrand aussehen. Schön flach ohne versenkte Kanalgitter!


Some people notice things in my videos that even I don’t, or they ask questions about stuff I had never really given much thought before. The Dutch drainage system is one such topic. Paul James noticed the drains in one of my videos, which prompted Mark Treasure from As Easy As Riding A Bike to write a blog post about them. Emmanuel Marcel Favre Nicolin  from Brazil also mentioned how well the Dutch cycle paths are usually drained. Someone else then asked if I could perhaps write a blog post about the Dutch drainage system and well… here it is!

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to say much about this. After all rain is not unique to the Netherlands and neither is infrastructure. To keep infra usable under wet conditions you need a system to drain your streets and that is true for the entire world. What…

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Autor: Quirinus

Zweirad fahren in Nürnberg und Umgebung. Meistens mit dem Fahrrad. Meine Geschichten, Bilder und Meinungen dazu findest du unter https://nuernberg2rad.wordpress.com

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